Just A Little About Us

Photography courtesy of @gracedbyhonor
Makeup by Reiley Nunez of @reiley_hair_make_up

One friend can change your whole life.

We met in 2010 mutually through our husbands who just so happen to be best friends. To say we were friends was a long shot, we were polite when around each other but nothing more. In 2012, our relationship started to grow but it was until 2014 that we became friends. And the rest is history! We have been by each other sides on wedding days, baby births, holidays and everything in between. Our friendship has grown immensely through out the years and we couldn’t imagine going on this journey with anyone else!

The idea of the boutique came about with many trips to the coffee shop. We met the beginning of January 2019 at our local Community Coffee and after a few hours Eden Jay Boutique was born. The name Eden Jay comes from our children, Eden, Jameson and Jace. We wanted the business to be apart of us and what is a bigger part of us than our children. It grew from a desire to be able to stay home with our kids, to do something for us and to be able to share our love of Jesus. We hope you are here to embrace this journey with us.

Katlyn’s Baby Shower for Jace
Brent, Dakota, Katlyn, & Anthony

Dakota, Eden, Katlyn, & Jace
Brent’s College Graduation

With love and grace,

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