Donut Grow Up! First Birthday Party

Jameson Roy, my littlest love, how is it possible you’re already one? Seems like yesterday we were at the hospital having you. Time goes by so fast. I thank God everyday he chose me to be your mom.

I’m so blessed
So hot everything was melting!
It was coupon weekend at Krispy Kreme

The key to a good party is a great theme. I chose Jay’s theme after scouring Pinterest and Etsy for days, but everything I found just didn’t “fit”. Finally, I stumbled across the Donut Grow Up banner on Etsy and I giggled to myself and thought, “I’m going to throw a donut themed party so I can have an excuse to buy 5 dozen assorted Krispy Kreme Donuts and not feel judged.” The theme was a hit! Everyone loved it. The donut wall was a crowd favorite and the donuts went fast. Which was a good thing because the icing was starting to melt due to the Louisiana heat.

Every Prince needs a crown.
Uncle Ant’s socks are always cool!

I started picking decorations in March and what I do is go on Etsy and put everything I like that correlates with my theme in to my cart. I slowly delete things over time that are either too expensive or I found something I like more. I do tend to buy more personalized things from Etsy. I love to support other small business owners and they put so much love and hard work into their products so I know I’m getting a great item. For everything I didn’t purchase from Etsy, I got from Target. That includes things like plates, napkins, utensils and the happy birthday banner.

Milestone picts at the bottom of the donut wall
How beautiful is that antique high chair?!

One of my personal favorites is to create a cute background for pictures. I buy a banner that says the theme and I hang it up where we will blow out the birthday candles. I buy an additional decorative garland, or in this case a Happy Birthday banner, and hang it along with the themed banner. My sweet friend, Amber, started making balloon garlands on the side, so of course I had to have one for his party! I placed his high chair in front of the decorations with a tassel garland around the front to give it that final touch of cuteness.

A party is only as good as the food.
Is it a donut or is it a cookie?

For this party I decided to do a chili pie bar. Fun, right?! I got my chili recipe from Chrissy Teigen’s cookbook and let me tell you, it was delicious. She made it easy for me and included all the sides my guest would want. It was a huge hit and it’s a fun and different idea than the standard party food. I always try to have personalized cookies made for the kids’ birthday. It’s something to make them feel special and also a great party favor. I had a local lady make the ones for Jameson, they are as good as they are cute.

The cake was a Smashing success
Smash Cake
Must. Have. Cake.
He didn’t hesitate when it came to diving in.

Another birthday tradition I’ve started with my children is I get their own birthday cake topper. I want them to feel extra special on their day and this helps. I have used the same topper for Eden at all of her parties and I will do the same for Jameson. The cake is a focal point for any event and the topper helps draw the attention more to the cake. I chose a more neutral topper for Jameson because I feel the natural wood look is a classic and can grow with him. For Eden, I did a cursive, gold glitter topper and if you ever met her it matches her personality perfectly.

The most beautiful blue eyed baby
Whatever sprinkles your donut.

I started to get birthday shirts for my daughter and I love how I can go back and look at the past year to see how much she has grown. So if you like to uncontrollably sob because your children are growing up, I recommend this idea. Jameson wore his for the one year photos and he wore it to his actual party.

I hope this helps with your party planning. If you have any questions just leave me a comment and I’ll answer! I’ve linked everything I bought for the party and where I bought it. Happy Planning!

Let’s eat cake!
Sprinkled with love!
God knew my heart needed you.

With love and grace,

Jameson’s shirt:

Birthday Crown:

Cake Topper:

Theme Banner:

Eden’s Shirt:

Cake and Smash Cake: Cajun Cakes

Cookies: Frosted Bayou

Jameson’s Overalls:Levi’s Baby Boys’ Denim Overalls, Glare, 12 Months

Cookbook for Chili:Cravings: Recipes for All the Food You Want to Eat

Cake Napkins:

Cake Stand:

Bubble Blower:

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