Photoshoot Emergency Kit

A little glimpse to our behind the scenes Photoshoot Emergency Kit. Every photoshoot comes with mishaps and messes so we try to be prepared for whatever the day is going to bring. These are the items we swear by. And yes, we actually use these.

  • Wet Wipes : Whether it’s makeup fixes, spills, or cleaning up a dirty spot for our models to sit on; wet wipes are where it is at!
  • Chapstick : Blistering cold days or photoshoots in the sun call for chapstick! We prefer chapstick for a more natural look.
  • Ponytail Holders : From t-shirt knots to getting hair out of the face, ponytail holders can do it all!
  • Bobby pins : Bobby pins can be used for hair and keeping organized in between shots.
  • Bandaids : We chose translucent bandaids to blend with the skin while covering up any scratches, blisters, or nicks.
  • Airbrush Legs : Leg makeup can be used to give a model’s legs a little extra color or to smooth out spray tan mishaps.
  • Comb / Hairbrush : Wind blown hair isn’t always the best hair!
  • Kleenex : In South Louisiana, everyone has allergies! Tissues come in handy with watery eyes and runny noses.
  • Oil Absorbing Wipes : Especially hot days can make our models sweat and these wipes help soak it up without ruining their makeup.
  • Superglue: Nail breaks are no fun, so we pack superglue to help until we can get to the nail salon.
  • Pocket Mirror: Gotta stay FRESH!
  • Lint Roller: Dust, grass, and lint on clothes make for a terrible photo.
  • Teasing Brush: The bigger the hair, the closer to Jesus!

Love and grace,

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