DIY Rustic Nursery Decor

The Perfect Addition to Any Nursery

My number one goal when I started putting together my first child’s nursery was to not spend a fortune on it. Because we decided to wait to find out the gender of our child, I knew that decorating a nursery would be extremely difficult. Almost every décor item for a nursery is either pink or blue. My husband and I knew we wanted a nursery that was “soft rustic”, meaning rustic with lots of wood elements, but could still be used for a little baby girl if need be. We spent months looking for the “perfect” pieces that fit our nursery theme. Once we started decorating the nursery, I realized I didn’t have anything to go above the crib. Now, I wanted this piece to be personal to the baby since the nursery as a whole was so neutral. Nothing I found quite fit the vision in my head, so I put together this DIY Rustic Nursery Décor piece that is perfect for any nursery whether you are preparing for a little boy or a little girl!


The supplies needed for this project are as follows:

-Wood Piece (mine is from Hobby Lobby)

-Wood Stain of your choice (My favorite wood stain brand is Rust-oleum and I chose the color “Dark Walnut”)

-Staining Cloth or Brush


-Yarn or String


-Paint Pen/Marker

-Pictures (I got mine printed from Walgreens through Walgreens Photo. They are size 4×4.)


For this step, you will need your wood, wood stain, staining cloth or brush, and something to lay your wood down on. Now, wood stain will most likely stain your hands for a few days. So, if you are worried about getting stain on your hands, I would suggest wearing a pair of gloves.

Once you have your wood laid down on something such as a trash bag or a small plastic tarp, you are ready to start staining. A little bit of stain really goes a long way. Start slow by adding a small amount of stain in one of the corners and dragging it out until you cover the wood in the stain color of your choice. If you choose to add more stain to make the color more intense, I would wait until the first layer dries before you apply another. Let your wood sit until completely dry. I waited overnight because I wanted to be sure that the paint pen and wood stain would not bleed together.


I chose to write my sons name in the bottom right-hand corner of the wood. You can chose to write, draw, or paint whatever you would like. Have fun with it and make it personal to your little one!


I decided to do 20 4×4 pictures, which I arranged in 5 columns on 4. When arranging my pictures, I just made sure to space out the pictures according to coloring and age of my son in the picture. Lay them out however you like!


To attach the pictures, I started by cutting 5 pieces of string as long as I wanted the pictures to hand from the wood. From there, I attached the pictures to back of the wood with the tape; and then, attached the pictures to the string with the tape.


The last step just requires hanging the wood piece up on the wall! I used Common Strips to do this because they are AWESOME! You could also use picture hanging hooks.

There you go! Hope this DIY tutorial was helpful! If you have any questions, just comment down below!

With love and grace,

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