How to Measure Yourself to Buy Clothes Online

Buying clothes online is not only convenient, but you don’t have to wear real pants to do it! Without the ability to try items on, it can be tricky to purchase online. Not every sizing group is the same; depending on the brand you may not always need to purchase your normal size. When buying online, be sure to check their size guide or chart to verify you are purchasing the right size for you. Knowing your measurements will help you to buy the correct size for you! We have put together a helpful guide on how to measure yourself to buy clothes online!


All standard sizing guides will have these basic measurements. Whether buying tops, jackets, or bottoms you will need to know your basic measurements. When measuring your shoulders, measure the width of your shoulders. Starting from the outer part of one shoulder, straight across to the other. For your bust, measure around the fullest part of your chest. This sometimes, but not always, correlates to your bra size. To measure your waist, start at your slimmest part of your torso and measure around. The hip measurement will be around the widest part of your bottom.


Size charts for shirts, jackets, blouses, sweaters and anything worn on your torso will include not only the shoulder and bust measurements, but will also have the length of the top and the sleeve. To measure the length of the top, start at the top of your shoulder and go down the side of your body to where the top will end. For example, if a medium sized top has a length of 23”; then you measure 23” down from the top of your shoulder. Same goes for the sleeve length, start at the top of your shoulder, and measure down to where the sleeve will end according the size you are looking at.


Dress size charts will include all of the basic measurements above, in addition to dress length. To measure the length of a dress, start at the top of shoulder and measure down the side of your body to wherever the dress will end. Also, there are three different style of dresses where length is concerned. Mini dresses are those that fall somewhere between the mid-thigh and the knee. Midi dresses fall below the knee but above the ankle. Finally, maxi dresses fall between the ankle and floor.


Size charts for pants, shorts, bathing suit bottoms, joggers, and all other bottoms, will include waist and hip measurements. They may also include length, inseam and thigh measurements. To measure the length of a bottom, you will measure from the top of your hip bone down to where the bottoms will end. Inseam is the length from the top of the inner thigh to how long the bottoms will fall. Thigh size is the measurement around the thickest part of your thigh.

We hope this guide will help you in buying the right sized clothes when shopping online. If you are having trouble measuring yourself or are unsure about sizing, we recommend having someone help you that way you are sure that you are getting your accurate measurements. Happy Shopping!

With love & grace,

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