Must Have Cleaning Supplies & Tools For Your Home

Cleaning your house shouldn’t be a chore… No pun intended…. Thankfully, we live in a time that has it together when it comes to cleaning products and tools. We can disinfect and clean our houses in a matter of minutes, unlike our parents, who had to get on their hands and knees to scrub the floors. They now make robots for that. Can i get an Amen?! Here are our go-to products that we use on the reg to keep our homes fresh and clean, without all the back pain.

Magic Erasers

Mr. Clean wasn’t messing around when he made these bad boys. They can clean anything from the kitchen to the bathrooms. They are the holy grail of cleaning tools in our book. We keep a steady stock of these under the sink. Magic Erasers are just that. Pure Magic. Also, these little magicians are so easy to find. Heck, I think even the gas station down the street sells them. If you haven’t already, give them a try! You won’t be disappointed.


The Swiffer brand comes in a variety of products. They have it all; dry mops, wet mops, and dusters. We heart these products because they pick up everything! From pet hair to dust, Swiffer has you covered. Their slick design makes it super easy to clean anywhere. Under couches, top of fans, even those pesky blinds that never seem to be dust-less. The pet hair pads are the ones to get, even if you don’t have pets. They are extra fluffy and hold way more dirt.

Mrs. Meyers

Found this gem of a cleaner, while walking through the aisles of Costco. During the beginning of the pandemic, cleaning products were no where to be found. Bought this cleaner thinking it wouldn’t work as well as the Clorox spray I’ve been using because it doesn’t have a bleach base. This. Stuff. Is. BOMB. You can use this on literally every surface of your home. And the smell?! Oh momma! The smell is so good! Literally have used it in every room of the house. Kitchen surfaces, bathroom counters and the tub! It’s even been used a few times to mop, and it really gets the dirt up. The best part is, Mrs. Meyers doesn’t just make cleaner. They also have hand soap, dish soap, and even laundry care. These products are made with “essential oils, and carefully thought out ingredients.” (their words) So, it’s safe for people with sensitive skin. Give it a try if your looking for a “clean” cleaner that comes in recyclable packaging and is cruelty free.

Clorox Disinfectant Wipes

Clorox wipes are pretty self explanatory. If something needs to be disinfected use these. These wipes come in handy in the super germy areas of the home. Such as the toilet, door knobs, sink handles, and basically anything that gets touched a lot. The spray also comes in handy to spray your mattress and pillows after being sick or for the kids backpacks during flu season.

Dyson Cordless Vaccum

When it comes to a good vacuum make sure to do your research. A good vacuum is expensive and you get what you pay for. It took a lot of research and time with the Lord, but getting this vacuum has been a saving grace! With young kids, crumbs and dirt are everywhere, there is no escaping it. Kids are just dirty! Does the food even get in their mouths?? The cordless vacuum is perfect for quick clean ups after meals or when guest are coming over. So easy and convenient, it also comes with a nifty storage rack. When you sit your vacuum in it, it’ll automatically start charging it. Never have to worry about where the plug is! Downfall with this vacuum is, it doesn’t stand up on its on. Guess that’s a given with a cordless? Not sure. Also, it’s pretty expensive, but Dyson has a good sale every few months or so, just need to watch out for it.

Dawn Dish Soap

Dawn dish soap is a soap that can wear many hats. Not only does it do a great job cleaning the dishes, but did you know you can use it in your laundry and to mop your floors? Works great to help remove stains from your clothes, just drizzle a small amount on top of your laundry or you can spot treat with it. To mop your floors, mix a tablespoon with a gallon of water and a 1/3 cup of vinegar. Works great!

Old Newspaper

Crazy, I know, but hear me out. This is the best stuff to use when cleaning windows. Ball up a sheet or two of newspaper spray your windows or mirrors with your favorite cleaner, this is ours, and voila clean glass! The newspaper picks up all the dirt and grime and leaves behind no streaks! Make sure its the actual newspaper paper and not the glossy inserts, those don’t work as well. You also don’t need to spray too much cleaner. A little goes a long way!

These are just a few of our go to cleaning products and tools. Let us know what yours are so we can add to our collection!

With love and grace,

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