How I Organize The Nursery For My Two Under Two

Having a baby means having a bunch of stuff! Along with a baby comes clothes, diapers, medicines, socks, mittens, burp cloths, toys, and so much more. As a mama of two my number one survival tip is this : ORGANIZATION IS KEY!

I have two little ones under the age of two; one boy and one girl! When I first had my son, the nursery was perfectly organized and the dresser has everything he could ever need. Then I had my daughter and BAM! Girls have a lot of stuff. Bloomers, tights, and bows were suddenly EVERYWHERE! I knew I needed to get my life together before I went crazy since the plan was for them to share a room!

So, I bought some drawer organizers and went to work! When I finished, my little organizational heart was soo happy! I am able to find everything I could possibly need without the hassle of trying to remember where I (or my husband) last put it! The drawer organizers I used are from Ikea. They are the SKUBB organizers and come in a pack of 6 for only $4.99! Their dresser is also from Ikea and is linked here!

Their dresser has four small drawers at the top. So, I fill them with things that I use often and can grab easily!

Since their dresser doubles as a changing table, the first drawer contains diapers, wipes, and changing pad liners. I am able to keep both babies diapers in this drawer with a little adult Tetris action!

The second drawer is where I keep all medicines, creams, etc. I put the things that I use daily in the front for easy access. These are lotions, eczema creams for my son, and face wipes. All of their medicines and healthcare items are kept in their dresser so I can easily find them when I need them, versus keeping them in the bathroom. I keep things I use less often in the back of the drawer like sunscreen, bug spray, and butt paste.

In the third drawer is small clothings items like socks, hats, and stockings. I organized out their socks into two separate boxes. For their hats, I keep the smaller newborn size hats on one side and the bigger toddler size hats on the other.

It is literally so easy to find things set up this way! I never have trouble finding what I need! My husband on the other hand …

The last drawer on the top contains burp cloths and bibs galore! Instead of organizing by boy/girl bibs, I decided to organize by size! I keep the smaller/infant sized bibs on one side and the bigger bibs on the other. Since most of the bibs are neutral, I am able to just quickly grab a bib based off which baby I’m getting it for! The burp cloths are kept in the back of the drawer in a larger box!


Since their dresser has four larger drawers of the same size, I put the infant clothes on one side and the toddler clothes on the other. For my infant, I keep jammies and onesies in the first drawer because that is literally all you need for the first 3 months.

In the second drawer, I keep bottoms. This is where the pants, shorts, and bloomers are. Also, since infants run through clothes so quickly, I make sure to always keep both their current size and some clothes in the next size up on hand! That way I don’t have to make my husband venture into the attic for clothes when they suddenly no longer fit anything in their dresser. (To all the new parents, it really does happen that quickly!)


In the first drawer, I keep shorts, pants, and jammies! I normally roll their clothes up in order to be able to see everything in the drawer at once. But for shorts, I typically leave them unrolled so that I can differentiate between shorts and pants. My toddler’s second drawer is full of shirts. Both those he fits now and a few in the next size up.


Their closet is rather small. Figuring out a way to organize it for two babies was challenging, but I made it work and it has made things extremely easy! I used these closet organizers to split the closet down the middle. On one side, I keep all of my son’s toddler clothes. On the other side, I keep my daughter’s infant clothes. Also, I use the organizers to store all of their shoes! All of the extra diapers and wipes go in the top of the closet. I use this three-drawer organizer to store all of their bed sheets, blankets, swaddles, etc. The baskets on top store things I grab often like nursing covers, baby carriers, and car seat covers. Also, I keep my daughters bows and headbands that don’t currently fit here.

That’s it! I hope this helps you in your nursery organization journey! If you have any questions or tips, leave them in the comments down below! Happy organizing!

With love & grace,

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