Go To Hair & Beauty Products

Photo by Laura Chouette on Unsplash

Looking for a shake up in your everyday product routine? We’ve combined a list of our fav go to products we swear by! These are products that stay stock in our cabinets and are used just about everyday.

Amika: The Shield {Anti- Humidity Spray}

Living in south Louisiana the humidity ain’t no joke. Which means, the humidity isn’t hair style friendly. Try doing a messy bun down here and walk outside, you’ll end up looking like Agatha Trunchbull. Luckily, there is products to help control the frizz. Personal favorite of mine is Amika: The Shield. Spray in your hair while its either damp or dry, before heat styling and it will lock in the protection. It also helps fight against, pollution, UV Rays and bad vibes-their words, not mine. I usually apply it before using my straightener or curling iron. It has helped my hair ALOT. I have thick and shoulder length hair, and it gets the job done.

Tula Face Filter

The is by far one of my favorite products from Tula. Tula Face Filter is a tinted moisturizer and primer. It helps blurs my skin imperfections and give the illusion I have perfect skin. It can be worn with or without make up. The first time I wore it, I had a lady walk up to me and ask what have I changed about my skin and it just gave me a nice little confidence boost! I’ve worn it everyday since, easily my favorite skin care product.

Dp Hue Hair ACV Rinse

So I bought dp HUE ACV Rinse after seeing the co-founder, Justin Anderson, talk about it on his insta stories. He was so passionate about it, that I instantly bought it. I have not regretted that decision one bit. It is made without all the harmful ingredients and chemicals that way hair down and strip away your natural hair oils and color. I have also found that I do not need to wash my hair as often as I did when I used drug store shampoo. It doesn’t smell the greatest, but after I add my styling products, my hair smells fresh. I feel like it has helped with my dandruff as well. Pro-tip; if you use this, follow the directions and make sure to rinse your hair out throughly. A little goes a long way and the bottle lasts a few months. Currently still on my first bottle and I bought it in March.

Fatboy Tousle & Go Texture Spray

I found this at my hair dressers salon. Anything she suggest, I always try to use. The fatboy tousle & go spray is so good and it smells amazing. A little goes a long with this product. I normally spray it on my roots and it gives it a nice voluminous look. Did i mention how good it smells? Cause it’s fabulous.

Ole Henriksen Banana Bright Eye Creme

This is my first and only eye cream I’ve ever used. It is wonderful. My eyes are brighter and its rich in Vit C, so you know its good for anti aging and it makes for a wonderful base for under eye make up. I truly love Ole Henriksen Banana Bright Eye Creme and it will probably be the only eye cream I ever use.

Mario Badescu Drying Lotion

If you’re in the market for a new spot treatment, give Mario Badescu Drying Lotion a try. Almost overnight my problem areas are almost gone. Dries the blemish right up. My husband isn’t to fond of the little pink dots all over my face, but hey, it works so I’m going to keep using it.

Mielle Rosemary Mint Scalp & Hair Oil

Not only does this Mielle Rosemary Mint Scalp & Hair Oil smell HEAVENLY, it is also so extremely good for your hair! I grabbed this one day in preparation for any postpartum hair loss I may have & I have not been disappointed. It has not only helped my hair grow stronger and longer, but it has also left my hair feeling extremely nourished! You can use it daily or occasionally for scalp & split end treatments.

Pantene Pro-V Mist Behaving Dry Conditioner

Y’all, this stuff is golden! It is a must have for those with thick hair. This Pantene Pro-V Mist Behaving Dry Conditioner helps tame your hair by smoothing frizziness & keeping those random hairs from sticking up. It also is a great detangler. I use it pretty much every time I leave the house because as a mom, I‘m always rushing to get myself ready. So, I spray a little bit of this before in I walk out the door!

These are our current go to products that we use on an everyday basis! What is your must have beauty or hair product ?

With love & grace,

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